Monday, December 17, 2012

Peterson - Round 2

Jessica Peterson (adult) Fortune, Criminal


Jessica's fulfilled wishes:  Talk to Clarence, Flirt w/ Clarence, Ask on Date,

Jessica's day started just like any other... with Shannon Todd on  her mind.  She couldn't wait to talk to him! As usual, though, he had an excuse about why he couldn't make it over

Then she met HIM.  The man of her dreams!  Helloooooo Clarence!

 Jessica really felt they hit it off.  He kept thinking of excuses to stay...

 Until Jessica couldn't think of a reason for him to leave...

Jessica's fulfilled wishes: Invite Shannon Over, Gain creativity skill, Earn $5000, Gain cooking skill

She woke up feeling guilty though.   What would Shannon say?  Jessica knew she'd have to make a clean break of it.  She just didn't know what she'd say yet.

Sitting down at the computer, she started blogging about her tough decision between Shannon & Clarence. 

 When Clarence popped by, saying that he missed her... Jessica knew her decision was made!

Jessica's fulfilled wishes:  Classic Dance, Buy living room chair, Buy sculpture, Talk to Shannon
Clarence's fulfilled wishes: Gain cooking point, Gain cleaning point, Meet New Sim, Flirt

"Good morning beautiful," Clarence said as he kissed Jessica. "What are we up to today?"

Jessica smiled.  "I really wanted to work on my skills for that raise coming up."

"Sounds good.  I need to brush up on some stuff, as well." 

Jessica & Clarence contentedly spent the day puttering around the house.

Jessica's fulfilled wishes: Creativity level 5, Buy $2500 sculpture, Kiss/Makeout w/ Clarence
Clarence's fulfilled wishes: Cleaning level 3, Cooking level 3,  Talk to Jessica, Propose

It didn't take long for Clarence to know that Jessica was the woman of his dreams.  In a whirlwind, romantic gesture, he dropped to one knee and proposed.

Jessica was thrilled!  She just wished she'd met Clarence years earlier before kissing all those other frogs.

Jessica's fulfilled wishes: Gain creativity skill,
Clarence's fulfilled wishes: Throw Wedding Party, Marry Jessica, Gain body skill

Pregnant, Jessica thought sourly.  She couldn't believe she'd wound up pregnant.  If she'd wanted a rugrat running around, she would've gotten pregnant when Armand had asked her to have his babies.  But, she guessed it was different with Clarence... maybe...

 Clarence insisted on a rushed wedding. He wanted to baby to have his name.  He couldn't wait!

Right before finishing packing, Jessica jumped online and updated her status to married with a baby on the way. 

So long trailer park!  Clarence was moving them up and out of here!

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