Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Five Wishes Challenge

Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight, I wish I may... I wish I might... have this wish I wish tonight...

On a beautiful starry night, a few families looked up to the stars above and whispered the children's rhyme, wishing for whatever their heart desired.  Some wished for love, while others just wished their neighbor wouldn't throw another loud party.

Amazingly, the stars seemed to twinkle a little brighter over Belladonna Cove and it seemed that everyone's wishes started  to come true!  What would they wish for next?


1. Wishful thinking - must fulfill at least 5 wishes a day.
2. Follow their hearts - romantic interactions whenever they want, even if they'd be cheating!
3. Population control - if someone wishes for a baby, roll a die (1-3 they get to Try for baby)
4. Reach out & touch someone - Always answer the phone & say yes to outings.
5. With age comes wisdom - No special baby milk & no reading physiology unless they roll the want.

Playing with Nightlife, Seasons & Apartment - so I'm missing a lot of the fun extensions like secondary aspiration & university, but I wanted to keep it simple this time around!  (Should I be this excited that I don't have to juggle uni students?!)